The Gang

Name: Bob Mapplethorpe 
Played by: Robert (Bob) Musgrave
Wants to belong
Easily intimidated
Financially wealthy

"Bob Mapplethorpe, potential getaway driver -- GO!"

Bob, the third of the trio of friends, serves as "the provider." He provides the car, the house, the money. He is a good supporter, he's enthusiastic but not brilliant, a little intimidated, because he is constantly tortured by his older brother, Futureman. Anthony protects Bob a little bit, but Bob is a perfect person for Dignan to have around because he can push him around and ridicule him," comments Anderson.

"Dignan thinks that Bob tarnishes his Anthony's reputation and prevents them from being taken seriously, when, in fact, it's Dignan who does that," Owen Wilson adds. "I think he kind of likes Bob, but he would never admit it."

Robert Musgrave, who plays Bob, describes him as "...a lost guy. He is really soulful and sweet but afraid, in a lot of ways. He comes from a big family with status, pretentiousness and stuffiness and he's been damaged by that because he's had all that protocol and social ambition shoved down his throat; that is obviously not who he is."

Credit: Bottle Rocket Press Kit

About Bob Musgrave...
Bob met Owen Wilson [in the early 1990s) at the Dallas landmark bar/restaurant, Stoneleigh P., shot pool with him and lost $40.00. The two ended up becoming good friends anyway; "Owen was the first person I'd met who was as sarcastic as I was," Musgrave explains. A year later, Musgrave ended up appearing in Bottle Rocket the short, which led to his starring role in the feature film version.

A transplanted West Virginian, Musgrave has tried his luck at stand-up comedy and sketch-writing, but gained modest success working as a blues guitarist during the 1980s both in Dallas and on the road.

Credit: Bottle Rocket Press Kit

Bob Musgrave's Filmography

Bottle Rocket (1996) - Bob Mapplethorpe
Bottle Rocket (1994) - Bob Hanson

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The Gang

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