Family Album

Name: Richie Tenenbaum, 
Son, Former Tennis Great 
Played by: Luke Wilson and Amadeo Turturro
Characteristics: Loving, Loyal, Understanding
Closest allies:
The Tenenbaum family

"You poor sucker. You poor washed-up poppa's boy." 
Anderson wrote several other roles with specific actors in mind. One was for Luke Wilson who plays Richie, the tennis star and youngest Tenenbaum. Wilson appeared in Anderson's two previous films and is the brother of Owen Wilson. 

"I wanted us to write Luke a fuller, more complex role than we had previously," Anderson says. "I felt there was this potential for Luke. There's a gentleness about him that comes across clearly. He's someone who can be soft-spoken, good natured, really sweet-tempered" 

That aspect of Wilson's personality is reflected in the film in the romantic longings Richie has long harbored for his adopted sister Margot, and in the fact that the character pursues a solitary hobby - he raises falcons he keeps in a coop on the roof of the family's house. 

"But there's a dangerous side to Luke," the director adds. "I've seen some things. You can tap into something real there and I wanted to make that quality part of the character, too." 

"Richie is the one who gets along best with Royal," Luke Wilson says. "Chas is uptight, and Royal can't relate to Margot because he sees himself as more of a man's man. And Richie finally figures out how his being the favorite has adversely affected his brother and sister. It's something he tries to deal with. 

"He's caught in this loop where he sees how everything in his life could be perfect, where everyone in his family is really smart and he's in love, but it's all wrong, because everyone in his family is an overachiever and the woman he loves is his adopted sister. Everything's thrown off for him."

Credit: The Royal Tenenbaums press kit

About Luke Wilson...
Luke kicked off his acting career by having fun with some buddies. Granted, he had to work hard like everybody else, but he was lucky enough to make his debut alongside his brother, Owen Wilson and friend, Wes Anderson. The trio collaborated on Bottle Rocket, and indie sensation which launched their careers. 

Brothers Owen, Andrew, and Luke Wilson grew up in Dallas, Texas. All three harbored acting aspirations, but Luke didn’t really take a serious interest until college. Attending Occidental College, Luke was at first more interested in the school’s athletics department than in Drama or Theatre. He excelled at track and field, but eventually Luke gave up sports after attending a theatre course. The plays of Sam Shepard in particular were of interest to him and he enjoyed performing them. 

Luke pretty much owes his film career to Owen (how would you like to be able to hold that over your brother’s head!). While attending the University of Texas, Owen decided to make a film with his friend and schoolmate, Wes Anderson, and they cast Luke in it. The film became Bottle Rocket, which went on to earn critical raves on the Independent film circuit. Luke also had a small role in their next collaboration, Rushmore, as a young doctor who gets caught up in a very awkward dinner party and ends up on the receiving end of the jealous anger of Max Fischer (Jason Schwartzman). 

Luke has continued to work steadily since, and is a definite Hollywood up-and-comer. He earned praise for his role opposite Drew Barrymore in Home Fries, and also got a taste of celebdom when he and Barrymore became an item. They dated for close to a year before calling it quits, but the two remain friends. 

Wilson has continued to work primarily in Independent films, but has been gradually landing roles in a few higher profile pictures - most notably Blue Streak, in which he plays straight man to manic comedian Martin Lawrence. lm Festival, August '98); and the recent US release, Post Mortem. More recently, Wilson has been involved in box office successes Charlie's Angels and Legally Blonde with Reese Witherspoon.

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About Amadeo Turturro...
No information.

Luke Wilson's Filmography

The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) - Richie Tenenbaum 
Soul Survivors (2001) - Father Jude 
Legally Blonde (2001) - Emmett Richmond 
Eastsidaz, Tha (2000) - Man In Stall 
Charlie's Angels (2000) - Pete 
Preston Tylk (2000) - Preston 
Committed (2000) - Carl 
My Dog Skip (2000) - Dink Jenkins 
Blue Streak (1999) - Carlson 
Kill the Man (1999) - Stanley Simon 
Rushmore (1998) - Dr. Peter Flynn 
Home Fries (1998) - Dorian 
Dog Park (1998) - Andy 
Bongwater (1998) - David 
Scream 2 (1997) - Billy in 'Stab' 
Best Men (1997) - Jesse Reilly 
Telling Lies in America (1997) - Henry 
Bottle Rocket (1996) - Anthony Adams 
Bottle Rocket (1994) - Anthony 

Amadeo Turturro's Filmography

Credit: The Internet Movie Database

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